Acoustic sound absorption corner Bass Traps for New Zealand professional 
and home studios. Guaranteed to tame problematic lower mid and bass frequency peaks and nulls.

Bass Traps

Bass Trap acoustic panels for studios and home theatres with cool looks, innovative designs and top performance. A must for all small to medium sized professional and home studios.

We have changed the design of these Super bass Traps to utilise our new 50Kg/M3 panels which has the following benefits:
- They are half the price of previous Super Bass Traps which means that all studio and home theatre owners can afford them.
- Greater sound absorption in lower mid frequencies.
- Much lighter weight and therefore more suitable for stacking two per corner.
- Can be trimmed, if necessary, to fit in low ceiling rooms where Traps are stacked two high.

These traps reduce "boominess" & solve the two most common studio acoustic problems:

Nulls - places in the room with either no Bass or a significant drop in volume for all or specific Bass frequencies.

Modes places in the room with bass peaks. These typically occur in the corners of a room and sometimes also in the centre of a room or even at the mixing/listening position.

Once you have solved these two problems listening is more enjoyable, mixing and mastering is much faster and your tracks will sound good in all environments.

Bass Traps should be floor to ceiling in at least the back two corners of your room (preferably all four corners) and have a space behind them of at least 50-100mm. If they do not then you will only achieve half or less of the specified bass absorption. This is because Bass Traps are velocity absorbers i.e. they only trap sound (convert sound to heat) when sound travels through them at maximum velocity. If your bass trap is flat against the wall, or worse still hard in the corner, the sound is not moving when it nears the wall and therefore only limited trapping/absorption occurs.

Acoustic Bass Traps for New Zealand Studios. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ
Acoustic Bass Traps for New Zealand Studios. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

Super Bass Trap

1200x400x150mm Black Polyester Corner Bass Trap. Free-standing with very classy looks. Ideally suited to small and medium sized rooms up to around 5.5 metres by 8.00 metres in size.

This Trap absorbs all bass frequencies superbly right down to 50 Hz due to it's 150mm depth and innovative design with multiple gaps at the rear. However it still has a very compact footprint which makes it ideal for both studios and home theatres.

It has two further advantages over other bass traps - it is freestanding and lightweight so:
- It does not require installation and does not need to be attached to the walls.
- it can also be used as portable Gobo in your studio when recording acoustic instruments such as pianos, guitars, cellos and violins. It is also often used in professional studios to islolate instruments when played in an ensemble.

"The Super Bass traps we purchased from NZ Acoustics for a number of our new project studios have done a superb job of cleaning up the lower mid frequencies we were having a problem with. They look good, are simple to install and the service from Nigel at NZ Acoustics was first rate."
Mark de Jong - Parachute Studios


NRC - 1.0 (NRC = Noise reduction coeficient. A measure of a panel's overall sound reduction/absorption ranging from 0=zero to 1=100% absorption)

Graph of 50mm Standard Panel NRC Values
                                          - Super Bass Trap     - Foam Alternative
                                                    NRC performance by frequency

Weight - 3.0 kg.

Manufacture - Bonded plastic fibre @ 50 Kgs per M3 density. Light, no irritation, eco friendly, washable, fade resistant, fireproof & 100% NZ building regulation compliant. Easily cut with sharp bread knife.

Size - w:400mm h:1200mm d:150mm.

Colour - Black.

Fire Rating - A Rated - Non flamable.

Pack Size
Sold in packs of two Super Bass Traps.

Get the acoustic panels the professionals use and enjoy all the benefits of a great sounding room at a very reasonable price.

Send us your room measurements and snaps of your walls and ceilings and we'll send you back free recommendations for the quantity and positioning of your acoustic panels.

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